Hosting A Sleepover At Your Home

If your kid requests to go to a sleepover at one of their friends, you instantly have a train of terrifying thoughts running through your mind. You will be wondering of all the terrible things that may occur in your absence. So if your kid insists on having the sleepover at your place it is an instant relief. Though you will have some other things that you will need to look into.

Friends list

You should be aware of each and every friend that your kid intends on inviting. You should always make sure that you know who the friends that they are planning on inviting are. Don’t allow for any add ons without your permission. You might also need to inform the other kid’s parents first hand of the sleepover. As it will ensure that the kids cannot trick any of their parents by faking to be at your place for a sleepover when in fact they are elsewhere.

Dress code

You will also need to have a strict dress code. This will be especially true for the girls. You don’t want any of them wearing something that is inappropriate. Make sure that you get the kids to wear something that is not to flashy. Especially if they are teenagers when it is very important that they present themselves very well. It doesn’t matter if they wear shorts, but it should be the decent kind of shorts. It is best if they could all go for the simple girls pyjamas for sale as it will be simple and not be too flashy as well.

Staying up late

You will also need to have a curfew for their bedtime. It will be obviously later than their usual bedtime. But you should not allow the kids to overdo it. They should be given a limit to the amount of time they can stay up. Also if it is an ideal pyjamas for little men sleepover, then they will most probably have gaming involved. Which will make them stay up very late. Especially, if the next day is a school day you should make them sleep on time.


With all the rules that you plan on implementing, you must keep in mind that it is a sleepover for the kids. And they should be able to enjoy it. If you are too strict and have way too many rules then they will not be willing to have the sleepover ever again at your place. So make it a fun experience for them. Bake them some cookies and give them the sweetest time possible to make it a fun experience as possible!