5 Gift Hamper Ideas

gift basket

Hosting a party in a small space can bring out the best in a person. You learn to manage with what you have and you can get creative with the book shelves and turn it into a drink station or even use the firewood place to hold the disposable cups. There are many ways that you can turn your house into party mode. So, don’t think twice the next time you decide to have a party at your small living space.Everyone loves gifts but a gift hamper is what sends everyone jumping in the air with excitement. We all know that a gift hamper has not one but many good surprises in store for everyone. It’s a great gift for every occasion. The best thing about a hamper is that it comes with full of surprises. You can choose to have a themed gift hamper of only food items or toiletries specifically or you can add different varieties of items for your basket. For those who are struggling with ideas to gift someone with a good gift hamper, here’s 5 top notch gift hamper ideas that you can surprise your loved ones with.


This is a no brainer that the first thing everyone goes digging in to the basket is to see if there’s cupcakes or waffles. Every hamper need to have different delicacies of goodies. Because what’s a good hamper without any food in it? If you have received name place cards for a formal dinner, toss in some of their favorite snacks. Don’t limit it to one boring kind of snack. Have a variety of items in it. So, that when they keep taking the items out, they will always be in for a surprise.


Toss in the recipient’s favorite kind of champagne into your gift basket. Sodas and soft drinks can make your gift hamper stand out from the rest. A packet of authentic herbal tea for those who avoid carbonated drinks are some of the beverage items you can add to the basket


Face masks, scrubs, face towels, body washes, a spa themed gift hamper are some items that anyone would love having in their basket. Especially after a long day at work and coming back home to see a surprise hamper at the desk with these items can make any day go from bad to good.

Chocolates and sweet treats

Who doesn’t love opening up their gift baskets and finding chocolates and sweets? Nobody! This is a must have in your gift hamper. For all the sweet tooth lovers out there, this will be the perfect kind of gift hamper to surprise them with. So, attach your birthday cards along with the hamper and surprise your friend with some of their favorite kind of chocolates on their special day.


Do you know of any book worms and those who love doing art and crafts? This would be an ideal gift hamper to them. Their faces will glow up seeing their favorite authors and short stories in the basket. This would be an absolute classic when you visit your best friend after a long time and want to gift them with something that they like. This would not have only one of what they like and but many items that they adore. These are some of the gift hamper ideas that you can use to surprise and gift your loved ones. Some of the other would be makeup for someone that love collecting different brand of makeups, movies and video games for those who love spending time in front of their screens and many other themes and ideas. Gift hampers are great way to show love and appreciation to your loved ones. It’s not only a basket full of goodies and luxury treats but also a nice way of showing someone how much you appreciate them by giving them a basket full of their favorites.