Laminate Vs Vinyl Flooring: The Differences

Along with many similarities, there are some differences between each of these two types of flooring. If you have ruled out your other flooring options and are contemplating between these two types of flooring but cannot come to a decision, then not to worry, you have clicked on the right article. Here we will discuss the differences between laminate and vinyl flooring, making it easy for you to be able to decide on which one of the two is the best option for you. Laminate flooring is a process of layers of flooring products for carpet squares that come together and give you a floor that stimulates either wood or stone, it consists of four layers each which contribute to the overall laminate effect, it starts off with a layer that provides stability and acts as a moisture barrier to protect the floor from getting damaged, this layer is called the backing stabilizing layer. The second layer is the inner core layer, which is made up of high-density fiberboard, which helps support the weight, the next layer is where the design is provided according to what the manufacturer chooses. The last layer is basically made up of melamine giving it a water resistant surface. 

Before getting into depth on what Vinyl is, it is necessary to have information on what resilient flooring is. Resilient flooring is a mixture of different colors, binder, and fillers, which can consist of limestone, mineral fillers or synthetic fibers to name a few. There are a few popular types of resilient flooring, one of which is Vinyl. Among vinyl and laminate, laminate provides a more luxurious look and is also much more comfortable, but when it comes to moisture and resistance to water, vinyl would be the better option. Vinyl is much cheaper than Laminate, but depending on the style and patterns you have decided on it can defer.  When it comes to installation, they both can be quite hard to install yourself; therefore it would be best to get help. Overall each of them have its own benefits as well as drawbacks, but if you still find it difficult to pick between the two, then not worry as due to today’s developments not only can you purchase laminate and carpet runners in Melbourne but you can also check the designs and styles and compare the two to make the decision process much easier. I hope with the above information you will be able to make a decision with ease and be nothing but satisfied with it!