Easy Peasy DIY Centerpiece Ideas

A centerpiece on a table is able to draw in a lot of attention on its own, because when perfected it is the best accessory on an otherwise dull and boring table. However when you do go to choose such beautiful centerpieces you may have to face the problem of cost. However here are a few amazing DIY centerpiece ideas you could use;

Colored rice

Did you know you could use rice as a centerpiece? Probably not, but now you know. You might be wondering how a simple dull off white rice kind be a centerpiece but here’s the trick, you don’t display it in its usual color! Use dye or food coloring on rice. The colors you choose could depend on a particular theme you are going for in your DIY wedding. But if it is for a simple decoration on a table at home you could create your own display with varying colors of the rainbow. Set them up in an ornamental jar and place them on the table. You would definitely be amazed by the wonderful contributing effect it may have on the theme for the day!

Floating centerpieces

Most wedding table decorations stick to this kind. This is another inexpensive centerpiece you could easily create and all you need is some flower petals, floating candles and a tall glass flute. Fill the flute with water and drop in the flower petals. Light up the floating candle and place it in. if you are afraid the endless possibilities with fire, you could substitute it with tea lights. For an added effect instead of filling in plain colorless water, add few drops of dye that is the same as the theme color for the day.


This is a personal favorite of mine. If you have got vintage birdcages lying around, or if you don’t you could purchase them, use these to create the perfect fairytale themed centerpiece. First you could paint these with pastel colors or lighter shades of the theme color you have chosen for your wedding. Next stuff in a lot of floral to the point where it almost spills out the cage. To add in a more fairytale effect you could also wrap around fairy lights through the cage. Place it in the middle of the table and voila you’ve got yourself an amazing centerpiece!


If you are going for something more alive and interesting, you could purchase gold fish and place them in a bowl that is decorated with the theme colors. These fish swimming around will not only have the effect you desire but will also keep the guests company!Use these ideas and set up your own unique centerpiece!

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