Finding The Perfect Cake

There are many essential items for a wedding. The rings are one such item. There are items such as the cake that gives prominence to the wedding. A wedding cake has been one of the oldest traditions that has been carried forward through the years. We see that there are instances where cakes are replaced with other items to fit the theme and budget. Following are some tips to make sure you get the perfect cake for your wedding.

Pick a budget

Selecting a budget is one of the most important factors to be considered before any purchase decision. Even if you plan to purchase engagement invitations or plan on a purchasing a cake, the budget becomes important. You need to make sure that your budget is realistic and is not too over the top or not too tight. Depending on your guest list the price of the cake would differ. You need to decide on what you require and how many guests you are planning to serve and fix up a budget. It is important to look into cake catalog and portfolios to estimate a price for the cake. As everything else, research plays a vital role here as well.

Do a taste test

Even if you have known the baker for years and has never tasted their wedding cakes, you need to politely request a taste test. Some bakers are excellent in certain cakes and are not able to pull of other types. If you do not know the baker personally but you decided to choose them as they are renowned for excellent wedding cakes, request for a taste test regardless of their goodwill. It is best to have a few options and go with what impresses you the most. Look into past customer reviews and portfolios to make sure you won’t be disappointed on your big day.

Select a design

You need to have an idea on what your expectation is. Go online and do some research on what type of cake you require. If you have a theme for your wedding it is best if you research on cakes based on your theme. After you come up with ideas, you need to have a chat with your baker and discuss what will suit your wedding the most. If you have already planned to send save the date invitations you need to create your cake accordingly as well. You also need to estimate the number of guests that will be invited and size it up. Make sure you have your budget in mind and won’t exceed the amount allocated. You need to have an open discussion with your baker on your budget and make sure they stick to the price agreed and that there are no hidden costs or charges at the end.

If you follow these initial steps you could make sure you find the perfect cake for your big day!

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